Why does no one care about corners?

Why does no one care about the two joining forces that push together in the creation of a corner? Corners are comforting,supportive, emotional spaces rarely acknowledged for their purpose, how could an aspect of life be so purposeful, and yet such a merely insignificant part of our everyday lives. Corners manage to capture afternoon light as it inflects upon the two walls slowly revealing the light among the darkness. The focus of such visual pleasure is placed on distractions from corners, such as a wood-stained piece of furniture, the drawers no longer manoeuvre smoothly but it retains the same nostalgic value you placed on it as a child. The corner it sits in however has always stood, and always will stand tall and mighty,comforting, supportive and ironically irrelevant. Corners are also boundaries,secret places, and comforting spaces, integral to architecture and to design,to sport, and to shapes. They offer the physical safety little else can provide, for the space in a corner behind an open door is a stereotypically perfect place to hide, and to cry, with only those two walls to support you.They are a constant, consistent, space and place, corners are there for you and will hold you.

Corners are a space that is only yours, a place to make, a studio space. The triangular space of floor that fills the void between the two walls is a space to sweep the dust on a rainy day, or to prop the mop,upside-down the drips dropping to that very space the corner occupies. A great hiding place but corners are also about rules. Discipline. Stand in the corner.They are about physical perfection and 90 degrees. Corners are a quarter of a whole. Corners are probably important in mathematics, but mathematics is not important right now. A corner can be drawn on a piece of paper with three lines, or one continuous line that doubles back upon itself once. A painting of a corner depicts more perhaps than adjoining walls, perhaps commenting on boundaries, physical and emotional, metaphorical and provide comfort for some,constriction for others. Some maybe find in them both, opportunities for

Corners are also about quarantine. These walls are your home, it is safe and comfortable, it is also constricting, tiring,challenging. It is a privilege to have corners to protect you, a shield of safety and yet simultaneous block from your creativity, a prison cell, or problem of first world, a bubble, a cage. Never have we had simpler rules to follow, stay within your corners, yet never have we wanted more than to leave.Corners thus refer to a very human need. This is a need to escape and to return, while corners restrict our want to stay, they always pull us back to comfort and security. 

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