When time is almost meaningless

Humanity has learnt to thrive through the concept of time, every hour of everyday must be filled with something, rushing from home to work to home to bed and repeat. This inexhaustible lifestyle contains our existence to thepurpose of constantly doing, viewing, thinking, interacting. No single one moment is taken for nothing. The notion of nothingness is a challenging occupation to apply when it seems impossible to do nothing entirely. The dystopian and slightly nightmarish inevitability of a global pandemic has stripped this life back to the necessities of existence. Such an existence does not account for time. Time used to be the glue the bound our lives together,eight hours of work in a café, meeting a friend at 7:30pm, two hours of work until lunch. These examples were once essential to a simple and yet inevitable life, without time how could we coincide our daily activities, how could we dedicate minutes of our days to each other and to the weekly shop or dentist appointments. It would have been previously impossible to live our lives a month ago without time, but now, stretching further from our grasps is the need to exist by the digital numbers on a screen or the face of a clock. Time continues to tick by, but we are not held captive by the need to contain our lives within it. Most freedoms of life have temporarily been stripped from us,but time is the only construct for which we are now mostly free.

This freedom presents opportunities for longer nights sleep, or daily walks previously demoted in our lives for lack of importance. The very notion of these factors being imperative to a time of unprecedented uncertainty,suggests the level of their significance should be raised in our everyday lives. It will be a hard push for many of us to resist the pulls of living an entirely occupied life once we return to a new normality. Time will ease itself back into our lives in an opposing process to the way it was squeezed out a month ago. And as the cogs of everyday life begin to interact and push time into action, we will find ourselves jolted back into action, suddenly compelled to return to the lives we used to live. The overt and entirely drastic implications that will impact humanity’s existence will be time sensitive and as we begin to live by the numbers again, our interactions will perhaps shift to a new approach. Perhaps more time will be found for each other rather than those previously thought priorities in our lives, unfortunately these possibilities will only unfold through the passing of time.

In an unfortunately infrequent amount do we find ourselves all of equal existence, an entire family available, or a group of friends from school in the same city. Suddenly we are all so close, yet so far, separated for want of a collective goal, you can wave via technology, but it does not equate to the physical closeness. These interlocking relationships that are built around an individual’s existence are dependant to time dedicated to one another. Inevitably,for as long as we have been able to acknowledge the concept of time, its been taken for granted as have the opportunities for freedom that come from a privileged existence. There are days which felt there were not enough hours,and some with too many. Nervous time passes at half normal speed, and drunken hours seem equivalent to only moments of time that you wished could last forever. The intricacies of life interact and distort time to the relevance of that instance. A roller coaster of emotions and experiences inform this distraction from the constant weight of time. Now however, it seems time is merely a straight line that might inform your meals or bedtime, or when to calla friend or to approach your work. Without the delicate complexities of life informing upon time the construct we live by begins to feel meaningless.

It would, of course, be impossible for time to slip entirely from our needs, and yet it feels increasingly as if time is more of a straight line for which we follow, as opposed to a concept that jumps as our lives do. Among the current negativities the freedom that has escaped from time lacking significance, is one of the greatest opportunities of these weeks of our lives.Never have we had such an occasion to which time is as close to being meaningless as we currently find ourselves. The significance of this is due to shutting down of life as we knew it to be, and in turn to time crumbling between our fingers, we are no longer constrained by the needs time used to place upon our lives, we for the moment are free of one thing. Perhaps there will be moments in the years to come when time will be purposely meaningless, and the importance rather will be placed on acknowledging this need to be free from that control we rarely appreciate is there, yet we have only now to escape from. 

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