Want to escape 

The reality of living has always resulted in countless opportunities to escape, physically, and through processes that enable a hope for a balanced response to the inevitable troubles. Escapism is a method for coping, which for the first time is contained within the capacity we can currently achieve. There has always been a place on Earth more beautiful than where we currently stand, and while it may be financially or geographically unobtainable, these places perhaps half-imagined in their unknown wonder are always open to the possibility to escape. This hope of breathing new air, sweet and warm, or brisk and cool,remains but not as an option for escape. There must be a human need that exists within us, within some the want is brighter and bolder, that pretends in their mind to drop all they have ever known and escape. To leave the cyclical days,restless nights, and dreary days to an ideal that forms only as a dream.Perhaps that dream, existent as a fire burning within us burns brighter on days where the outside world is unknown. To escape responds only to a need to break free, restrictions cease the burning of that fire, extinguishing it as if the only world that exists is the one you know. Once the ideal of exploring a new world could be an escape, now stepping from the threshold of your home extends itself to the extent of your escape, and this does not satisfy that need. In fact, the opposite occurs we are forced to flee that short taste of freedom back to the safety and isolation of home.

We are forced then,to realise two things, what is the cause of our want to escape, on the surface this may be obvious, but we must go beyond that to realise exactly the root of our unrest. Secondly, how can we for now calm the fire and realise what is available to us to escape from the current realities of existence. Our minds and bodies instinctively respond to uncertainties, often we find ourselves supressing trauma to point to negative recurrence, supressing the desire for escape only builds the fire brighter and returns us to the human want to freedom.  We seek to control everything that interacts with our lives, the layout of our interiors, the food we consume, the people we communicate with. The places we can visit, the roads to drive and pathways to walk, sights to see and books to read. Control stands at the height of our need to escape. In time it turns itself inside out and upside down, confusing and manipulating our own knowledge for what we want and how we want to be. Sometimes we are caught up in the waves of life’s realities,drifting with it is current to which we have no control. These times give infrequent moments for realisation of a need to escape and thus we fail to engage with the supressed desire. When the waves quieten however, the fire returns and the control we seek refers to itself as reminders of what, how and who we could be. Again, we engage with the reality of the push and pull between the want to escape and the need to stay. Rooted in the Earth beneath our feet is the histories of our life thus far, escaping from it dismisses our want to stay, even though it may be as powerful as the one telling us to leave.

We can escape through forms that are not physically removing ourselves from one place to another, even though for now this may feel as if remains as the final ambition. Music transports you to memories you thought you had forgotten;drawing materialises ideas previously only existent as hopeful dreams and reading places you in the mind of someone new. While we live in a privileged world, enough to have these within touching distance of complete enjoyment, we still find ourselves pining for something more. The want for a satisfaction greater than the sum of what we have managed to achieve thus far, and this returns to the resulting desire to escape from our incapacity to fulfill these yearnings. For now, reality presents itself in such a way that we can only imagine what physically escaping may feel like. How the air will be different and for a while the bed not as comfortable as the one you have at home. How the people are kinder than you could have ever hoped, and the path is less travelled than your old route to work. While we wait upon a time where this is deemed appropriate, hopefully we will find an escape in the joys of everyday life. We will connect to those fortunate to be close to us and find satisfaction in the objects and homes that surround us with security and safety. The desire for escape will burn within us enough to train us into enjoyment of our current reality. And while we exist in simplified patterns and routines, and gentle reactions to the bobbing of time, we can escape in our minds with the hope of what the future brings. We will for now focus on all that is around us in the hope that when the opportunity for escape comes, we will encourage the flames burn brighter than before.                                                                                                                                     

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