Human interaction

We have been stripped of interaction with those other than we live with. Many of us rely on these vital, fearless interactions which make up our everyday lives. How therefore,can friendships and relationships maintain themselves through technology when physical contact is vital to remembering and enjoying the wonder that comes from interaction with someone your care for dearly. In many aspects, we have been reduced to the essentials of existence, any pleasure that came from freedom, and its resulting privileges temporarily snatched. In a strange and almost ironic sense however, we exist in a time where non-physical communication is at its most advanced level. This places us in a usual position, we are still able to communicate to a high standard, but screens distort the emotional capacity physical interactions exploit. In the passing of information from one screen to another, the words and laughter are clear, but we cannot breathe the same air anymore, or share heat from the same radiator.We understand one another yet the essential notions of human existence have escaped from us, and that leaves behind a half-grateful lack of satisfaction that requires the hope hidden behind tired eyes to comprehend. This comprehension is masked by an essential need to converse and interact, slowly we slip from each other’s lives, once essential and every day, now only distant.For some we retain the emotional closeness we crave from one another, this is presented in brief, precious moments. Life is affirmed by these people, the essential, cannot exist without them people, and those are who will return to first. Our interactions with these people will always be missed and never again taken for granted.

 It is also the conversations with till staff when even at the end of their shift they can crack a smile and laugh with you.Or being at work and having the pleasure to interact with kind, insightful people who make your day far better than it could have been before. It is about seeing a friend in passing, and quite surprisingly having the best conversation that day. Or when afternoons melt into evenings into nights because the quality of the company far outweighs the significance of time. Remember those days when you could sink into the arms of a loved one after a day longer than you ever thought was possible. When distance is not a barrier and being physically close heals better than anything else. What about cooking dinner with your closest friends sharing studio spaces with other creatives, visiting family free from fear. Drinking beer in a pub after jostling past countless others for that sweet taste of temporary freedom. Its also hugs and kisses you never knew you were so grateful for. And enjoying the cultures of city living and exploring new places. It is about going to a gym packed with people and running through a park without desperately avoiding others. Physical interactions have been replaced by the next best option, and while we navigate that new, unknown world, the interactions of life fill us with a much greater significance than we previously appreciated. Enjoying the moments of life once too small to acknowledge places us with a greater appreciation for the intricacies of everyday life. We cannot forget also, those we are lucky to exist under the same roof as. Those people so constant their significance almost slips from our minds. They have been your constant, as constant as the walls that surround us.We cannot forget their significance, we may not always find ourselves floating on the same boat, but our care for one another returns time and time again.

New routines find their place within our lives, perhaps we are walking more and enjoying the place we live, in ways we had only ever taken for granted. Or resting more,appreciating that when time is temporarily meaningless, humans too require a moment of outright freedom from the realities we supress when time gets better of us. Maybe we are more tired than before, anxious, angry, fearful for an unknown future, when those you need to hold you for a while are just slightly too far away. Those nuances of everyday life which are beautiful and fill us with wonder for the joy of existence that result from human interactions will slowly return to us, and in time the fear of stepping too close to a stranger for worry of what could happen will be a forgotten memory.Emerging from this strange hibernation will not result in us looking at each other with a mistaken mistrust, but rather we can gather in groups, in the open air and breathe together as we laugh and cry. A reality as the one which we find ourselves in has placed the entire world on an equal level, and while humanity has to tend more to itself to find this on an every day basis, perhaps our resulting interactions will be more kind and caring. We will be open to new interactions and ensure we engage with the old ones too. We will place our words in ways that encourage and console, celebrate and reflect. We will acknowledge each other as equal and enjoy the wonder that comes from theinevitable human interactions.

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