We are returned to a very human attribute when we are suppressed, specifically our freedom. When we are told we cannot have, do or be the way we want we turn in on the rules and that want grows even stronger than before.  The physical, emotional, and mental freedom we had previously taken for granted was exploited by the very notion of itself. We were privileged to all the freedoms we now long for, gifted to us as a luxury we did not believe to be real. The freedom we had experienced was however, more real than we can now comprehend. Acknowledging what we have lost must equate to a greater appreciation of what we will have again, or we gain nothing at all.Gaining nothing from times of outright uncertainty and emotional challenge removes our ability for growth. The loss of our physical freedom is the beginning of this realisation, in losing we have also gained, these two factors do not however find themselves of equal existence. We have a much greater freedom with time. This refers both to our escape from the construct which previously isolated our days into minutes and hours, as well as the time we have in which we deem ourselves purposeless, those hours are of plenty, and a new freedom we rarely acknowledge. On the other hand, we were once emotionally free from the knowledge we now find restricts our every day. It culminates as guilt and anxiety, a feeling of our inability to support and our lack of control. Our humanity is damaged day by day. Little freedom comes from this, we are constricted and manipulated, challenged, and congratulated. No satisfaction comes from questioning how this could be our reality. It feels like an extended nightmare, a distance worry that slipped into our reality, a future stripped from our grasps and time a meaningless flux.

We can however find freedom in the abilities that we can currently explore, freedom from a force requiring us to be constantly thinking and doing. Our minds are designed to protect ourselves through worry, our bodies created to flee potential danger and we are fortunate enough to be safe and sound within our homes, we should explore those daily freedoms to which we currently find available. Free yourself from news and politics, we must of course, be aware of the world, but we cannot drown ourselves under rules and statistics, numbers, and bickering,fake promises and hidden agendas. Place your trust in hope, and your friends and family, acknowledge that freedom will be gained from bettering these relationships, and removing ourselves from the plight of constant negativity. Those headlines and comparisons, all unavoidable in the days we live, chip away word by word from our freedom, breaking us down to the necessities of existence. We undoubtably stand in challenging times, and it may feel as if the waves of negativity will never end, and yet on the other side of this darkness, will spark a brighter light, of freedom towards ourselves and to each other. Finding freedom through a creative output places our focus and interests on explorations of ideas, materials and processes which are sought after skills.These processes lull us into some moments of freedom, when the documentation of our experiences, emotions, and thoughts dance with us and begin to build those feelings of freedom. The highs of these feelings are off put but deep lows that poke and laugh at our inabilities to free our mind from constant worry, our trailing energy levels, and flailing motivation. Feeding on the impossibility of our wants and needs, we are challenged daily by those thoughts pulling us down. Standing on the other side of this, however, is our ability to self-motivate a freedom from our own mental capacity, drawing on all the hope we can fathom.

To be emotionally free from one’s self is to place your mind at ease at the troubles that life presents to us, and for brief yet powerful intermitting moments, allow happiness to take over. Freedom is peaceful. Adventurous and mysterious it escapes us only for want of more. It supports our capacity for wonder, for what ifs, for ideals and perfections, for hopes, idyllic memories, and future dreams. Freedom acknowledges our ability to learn, to work, to support ourselves. To receive healthcare if and when we need. To walk where we wish,and explore places previously hidden from our knowledge. Freedom accentuates how wonderful existence is and emphasises all we should appreciate and encourage enjoyment of. When we appreciate every freedom that has been gifted to us in a troublesome world, slowly those worries can slip away for a little while. When those worries and troubles slip away, we can float on a cloud of happiness that is supported by the associated freedoms, dissolving the fear that challenges us. When the opportunity for physical freedom from this temporary, homely imprisonment  returns,we should tread carefully, not allowing ourselves to be paralysed by fear or guilt but to begin to scrape back some of that freedom we used to feel,grateful for each step towards normality that we achieve. It is ecstatic to be free, to relinquish those feelings which sometimes drown us and sometimes lift us.

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